Profile of the Director of Academic Planning, ESUT.

Professor Ngozika M. Mbajiorgu, DAP
Professor Ngozika M. Mbajiorgu is a Professor of Science Education with emphasis on Biology. Her area of research is the influence of culture on the learning of science. A prodigious researcher, she is capable of meeting deadlines under pressure. She has a penchant for order and quality as it relates to learning and teaching. In this regard, she has served in several committees that were aimed at restoring order, instilling quality and developing capacity. She has served in numerous panels for the accreditation of university programmes in Nigeria and evaluation of institutions. Notable among these is the evaluation of the impact of Senior Secondary Technical Education on Technological Capability of Industries in Nigeria for a pan African body, African Technology Policy Studies (ATPS) Networks, Kenya in 2003.

She proceeded to Glasgow University, Scotland in 2005 where she served at the Centre for Science Education as co-supervisor of graduate research. During this time, she consulted for Higher Education Commission, Hull, and Royal Society of Chemistry, United Kingdom. Her work led to the identification and determination of empirical evidence for the review of Chemistry and higher education Physics curricula and yielded two practice guides for the development of these curricula. On the African scene, she led the team, as chairman, to Dar es Saalam University, Tanzania for the validation of the African Quality Rating Mechanism (AQRM), a joint project of the European and African Unions (EU/AU); as well as serve as member of the team to University of Yaounde II, Cameroon for the same purpose.

At the local level, as Principal Researcher of a team of three, an Internal Quality Assurance Framework was developed for her University. This included delineating the processes and developing instruments as well as a framework for an Academic Audit. She has chaired committees and served as member in others aimed at maintaining, enhancing and sustaining quality. She was the pioneer Coordinator of Quality Assurance for her University and presently is serving as the Director of Academic Planning.

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