About Quality Enhancement at Enugu State University of Science & Technology

Undergraduate programs: Write a self-study report with a maximum of 20 pages for first time self-study repots, 25 for second and ensuing self-study reports. The report should include:

  • Description of the current state of their efforts to improve student learning the academic quality of their programs
  • Description of their strengths and weaknesses in the five focal areas
  • Citation and a brief description of their documentation supporting best practices and other evidence of quality improvement.
  • Recommendations that address practices that need improvement.
  • Description of action plans for improvement initiatives – prioritizing them.

B.        The Peer Review

  • Auditors are volunteer faculty members who receive training on education quality processes and audit methodology.
  • Audit teams should be 2-4 members who will most likely come from other institutions as long as each auditor participates in a formal training experience.
  • All departments are given the opportunity to nominate up to two peers for service on the academic review team.
  • Because the auditors focus on quality processes, they do not have to come from the academic discipline of the department being audited though DAP should ensure that at least one member should come from the discipline or a closely aligned discipline on each audit team.
  • The audit team visits are typically one day but be up to three days as the case may be for effectiveness.
  • The audit team meets with departmental leadership, academic staff, students and other stakeholders.
  • The Audit Team asks questions similar to the self-study questions cited above.    
  • The team leaders should write comprehensive report:
  • Highlighting examples of best practices,
  • Noting areas that need improvement,
  • Evaluating a department’s approach to educational quality practices, and